November 10, 2006

al franken's truth

rephrasing something from al franken's the truth

bush was not elected in 2000. thus, he was not re-elected but elected in 2004 which means that he can run again in 2008...that is the downside of it :P

November 06, 2006

dont ask me why i was chatting with the cellphone-sporting-carla-vandhu-eranging girl who picks up trash from my office...thats another story...anyway, she was telling me that she is a us citizen, half-mexican-half-filipino who comes once a day to pick up trash and clean our restrooms in the evening. i was gonna throw the stuff from my recycle bin when i decided that i may need something from it...some paper that i will refer to at a later time from the recycle bin...yeah, i am that disorganised :) anyway, she started off about how a woman took her stuff from her trash can and stole her ssn. the irs called her and asked if she had multiple jobs and was checking y she was not paying the necessary taxes...when describing who the woman was the girl went on: she was from you know where...ehhh....a moslim or something and then gave a really dirty look....i guess the success of the bush administration's campaign to malign all moslems is measured by stuff like this. way to go man!!

October 25, 2006


who the hell is this fica man? y is he taking all my money....:'(

i am officially poorer now than when i was an intern...thank you oh dear h1-B...thank you!!

September 27, 2006

make me shut up plz!!

i am an extremely unhappy person these days...i rant so much abt stuff happening in the rest of the world to my colleagues that they are ready to kill me....

first, i go to the lab on a beautiful san diegan morning and yap about how shameless musharraf is bcoz
1. he is an incumbent president using an official visit at the height of military tensions to sell his stupid book.
2. apparently, we started the kargil war -- the nerve of the guy to say that
3. sensationalising every stupid thing possible
4. comes on jon stewart (ggrrrr) and tells his thot process after 911 -- apparently, he considered pakistan's options if they were gonna fight against america after 911 (yeah right!)

i went on about this for more than 5 minutes and my colleague then points out to the new pakistani intern sitting right behind me...of course, i apologised but still...cant i just shut up for once?

like this was not bad enuf, i read about the school seige in colorado. i had just recently seen bowling for columbine and heard on jon stewart or something about the new president for the national rifles, i get real worked up and went on and on about the lack of gun control in this country.

my colleague gave me a stare and asked me to shut up. now, do i need the rest of the world to ask me to shut up? y dont i know it myself...

i blame it mostly on the nonavailability of my nalam virumbhis online to vent my fury...its ALL bcoz of u ppl!

September 16, 2006

Global Day for Darfur

am not sure if i was not watching cnn all these days or something but all the iraqistan coverage totally blocked out any coverage of the rest of the world...i also wondered how bbc had not covered any of then struck me that there is a tab at the side that has news from africa...they had it all there...of course i knew abt the genocide there and all...just that i didnt realise the extent of damage till i read more about it...its appalling...anyway, this is my bit.

save darfur. read about the issue. today is the global day for darfur.

August 09, 2006

i am offended!!

taking offence to a comment by a co-blogger, i hereby declare that i will not be truthful (interpreted unnecessarily as mean/rude by some unwanted elements in the blogworld) in my comments and that i will be nice (thiruvalluvar-e sollitaar* that to be nice to ppl, poi sollalaam) to one and all "naam ke waasthe"**. dear god, plz forgive me for all the lies that i will be saying from today.

i start my-new-me with:
1. Anantha, I loved your recipes for pineapple rasam. I "look forward" to more recipes from you.
2. The Top Blogger, this is a fab idea. I "cant wait" to try out your recipes at home.
3. Me, You are doing a wonderful service here. I would love "to hear more" about the ratings you'll give to these serials.

* poimaiyum Vaymai idatha puraitheerndha
nanmai payakkum yenin
Translation: Even falsehood may suffice for truth, When it brings good removing vice!

** for clarity, all lies are in quotes.

August 06, 2006

ellam mudinju pochu

worst!!! ellam mudinju pochu :( surya-ku ippo enna avasaram kalyanathukku...cha! naan indha vaaram full-a mourning :'(